Data_Mining & Evaluation

Data Mining and Evaluation

“Data is the Oil of the 21st Century”

Whether authentic or not, it is not the question here. But just the fact, unlike oil, that data will never dry up and we will ALWAYS need enough confirmed data (information) for EVERY decision-making process, leads us to believe, that between OIL and Data exists an immense difference.

From the beginning ARROWS was forced to handle large amounts of data in the interest of our clients. Without data (information) we would never have been able to find successful solutions to our customers‘ problems.

Today all significant, market-oriented processes, all social processes can be verified, valuated and visually presented using numbers and Data and such Data gives you the best chance, to find systematic structures and patterns.

Both also apply to criminal activities. Investment fraud, money laundering, corruption, counterfeiting, the theft of intellectual properties, cybercrime – all these things happen on the same digital or analog marketplaces like the normal legal business, like the normal legal living.

But the mere availability of data and information does not help anyone. It is important to read the collected information correctly, to place it in its overall context and to interpret it clearly and unambiguously.

And not everyone is able to recognize them correctly, especially with large amounts of data.

This is one of the reasons why ARROWS has developed special competences in the targeted visualization of data from the very beginning.

ARROWS is specialized in gathering the necessary Data for specific single problems (e.g. market data to a counterfeit product) as well as for problems related to a complete society (e.g. the x-ray of corruption inside the society). We are focused on solutions to find the structure behind a crime and to avoid damages by unlegal or semi-legal activities.

In this way you are able to place your chessmen correctly on the chessboard…


The experts from ARROWS use most modern tools and have develop our own software, what will be updated constantly.

The information we provide will help you to precisely determine your position in the national and international network of business activities.

We can supply you with necessary information to make you see where you stand in relation to your competitors, where your strengths are and where your weaknesses lie. Together with you, we evaluate the data to identify where you are vulnerable to illegal activities, inside your structure and from the outside.

The ARROWS expertise and knowledge system can show you what you can do for your own future, where the stairs lead….

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