Corruption is a serious form of crime. What is special, however, is that criminals are involved on both sides of the illegal interaction, while the victim (s) are not involved in the crime itself.

The  quest for power, money and fame is not restricted to any particular segment of society or class of persons. It lures many, and while corruption, may be the easy, quick fix way to reach your goals, is dangerous for all involved, and for the wider society. Corruption destroys trust in the politicians, trust in the administration and undermines faith in democracy and in our way of living. If you don’t fight it, it will proliferate like a cancer. It becomes the tacitly accepted means of gaining benefits in a society that has given up.

Arrows Consulting assists enterprises, organisations and governments in the fight against affliction of corruption.  We not only have the right tools, but also have a wealth of experience to support our clients in uncovering and combating corruption. Our ability to create a complete picture of the structures and forms of corruption and to represent internal and external relationships, enables us to find the right approaches for every specific situation quickly and therefore develop targeted and systematic solutions.

We help countries reduce, prevent and treat corruption.

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