Corporate Risk Management

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… it is a CHALLANGE, a CHANCE and a DUTY!

Doing business means facing risks! There is NO business without risks. To be successful in your business you HAVE to take risks.

The continuing globalisation and expansion of the markets has given companies the opportunity to permanently expand their market presence, often on an international scale. However is must also be noted that while opportunities have increased, so too have the threats – including complex logistical challenges, international supply chain issues, financial and even political risk.

Closer markets still mean more and more complex logistical challenges. Dependencies on suppliers on other continents are associated with time, financial and also political risks. Trade, technological advantages or even access to dwindling resources could also unexpectedly become weapons in political disputes.

As we have seen recently, even natural disasters, or pandemics can play havoc with your business model and operations. Arrows Consulting’s Risk Management team can provide you with tailor-made solutions, so your company is prepared no matter what risk comes your way.

Based on clearly defined analytical data related to your internal systems of the company and/or the state, ARROWS Corporate Risk Management gives you a clear and flexible system to meet regulatory obligations and respond to any challenges.

A critical piece in this puzzle is identifying potential risks early.
The sooner you recognize a hazard, the sooner you can turn the steering wheel or apply the brakes.
You don’t have to see the wolf before you react. In most cases, you’ll hear him in the distance quite a while before you do.
And even if he shows up completely unexpectedly right in front of you: If you’re prepared, you won’t have to waste time with lengthy deliberations about what’s best to do now.

The SARS-CoV-2 (Covid) pandemic impressively demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that many states and their governments were unprepared or grossly underprepared for such a scenario. And this despite the fact that such a burden on the global healthcare system was always to be expected. The incidents with Spanish flu as early as the 1920s, SARS (2002/3), EBOLA (2014/16), and other threats in the past have not initiated the right measures and proactive preparations.
This is ultimately the cause of the sometimes devastating effects of this pandemic.
In fact, those responsible should have known better.

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