Additional information on special anti-counterfeiting investigations

The appearance of counterfeit or imitation products on various markets is diverse and often very cleverly organised. The spectrum ranges from trading with counterfeits on online platforms, private, often anonymous websites up to street sales. There is even the possibility of bringing counterfeit products directly into legal commodity chains.

Just as diverse must be the paths that lead successful to court-usable evidence.



For each particular form of counterfeiting and distribution of counterfeit goods, there are also specific investigative approaches which must be adapted to the respective regional, political, logistical and organisational (structural) conditions.

This ultimately means that each individual case has its own rules and must be well prepared.

ARROWS developes the right strategy under the given circumstances.

For this reason ARROWS Consulting follows an uncompromising way.

Only in necessary cases will the first attacks be started immediately (without having defined a long-term strategy together with the client beforehand), if the general conditions require it. At the latest, however, our specialists will then discuss the necessary steps to provide the necessary information and/or evidence in one or more intensive meetings together with the client.

The ARROWS investigation department can use the whole range of necessary tools and means to achieve the desired results („old fassion“ ground investigation, data mining, modern digital technologies, cooperation with authorities, infiltration …).
The big advantage on our side is the ability not to stop at national borders. We are able to carry out the necessary investigations across countries, continents and the whole globe at any time, even in offshore tax heavens or in states with which no bilateral treaty structures exist.

ARROWS Consulting has an immense wealth of experience and could, very successfully, achieve results in the branches:

  • tobacco and tobacco products
  • Tool technology and car accessories
  • Luxury goods (accessories, watches, perfumes)
  • Food industry (premium spiritous beverages, lemonades …)
  • Pharmaceutical products and medicine
    Toys and
  • high-quality electronic products (mobile phones, lap-tops, etc.)

for renowned companies all over the globe.

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