Asset Tracking & Recovery

The Crime

Deliberate economic or entrepreneurial misconduct always has a motive. When someone does something with purpose, he is aiming. In many cases, these motives lie in the area of personal enrichment or the creeping of market advantages for one’s own company, one’s own organization. In many cases, which ARROWS has been able to solve for and together with its customers over the last 30 years, this criminal misconduct went hand in hand with other crimes that served either to prepare for the fraud, theft or to cover up the crime. On the one hand, we see social misconduct (such as the crime itself – kickback payments, theft, fraud, balance sheet manipulation, tax avoidance, bribery …) using the exposed position in the company or society, but on the other hand we also have the material economic loss caused by illegal activities in the company or society. The criminal relevance and the resulting penalty must be determined by a court. Compensating for the material damage that has occurred is a completely different matter!

Although a judge can decide in his judgment that the convicted person should settle the damage, he can only freeze those assets that are known to him. Both with regard to the jurisdiction itself (scope of the applied law) and the ability to investigate outside of this jurisdiction in general, the hands of the court and the public prosecutor’s office are often tied. As our experience shows, a large or medium-sized company can quickly and unnoticedly be withdrawn from employees, managers or even co-owners of 10, 20 or 100 million euros / US dollars over a certain period of time for their personal enrichment. And many a private or institutional investor can relate his own experience of investment losses from fraudulent investment schemes. Often enough, these lost amounts threaten the very existence of the company or the investor. It is therefore more than important to significantly reduce the damage or to compensate for it completely.

For this purpose, priority should be given to all valuables and financial resources belonging to the deliberate cause of the damage to reduce it.

The Consealment

Of course, it can be assumed that criminals who commit such crimes with a high level of criminal energy will also try to evade their „treasures“ as far as possible from the access of the aggrieved parties or even possible reclaims by the state/financial authorities. Well-known methods to hide are the transfer of illegal funds via offshore companies to offshore accounts, investment with so-called wealth managing companies, investment in real estate (within and outside the respective legal area), covert fund investments but also the classic way via purchase of precious metals, precious or art objects. In our modern times not to forget the use of digital currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) in digital „purses“ (wallets). Already at the beginning of the forensic research and investigatiion to prove the crime and the way it was committed, ARROWS will in cooperation with the client collect all necessary and available information, data and evidence that can be used for a possible determination of the whereabouts of stolen valuables or financial means. This data collection will serve as a basis for parallel or subsequent identification of hidden possessions of the criminal.

After the assets have been identified (Where is what in the direct or indirect ownership/access of the delinquent?) and ownership has been clearly confirmed (to avoid legal conflicts), strategies are developed to recover the illegally acquired assets or to reimburse the economic damage incurred. These strategies correspond to the respective legal circumstances in the locations where the assets are actually held.

Through consistent implementation of these strategies and the tremendous capacity and power Arrows has across its network in over 110 countries, more than 83% of the assets, values and financial resources that our customers were entitled to have been returned in the last 30 years.


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