Anti-Corruption Response Center (ACRC)

The ACRC is a tool developed by ARROWS Consulting / Insiders Corp. serves both for preventive purposes against corruption and as an effective response tool when corruption cases occur.
This central office within the state, institution or company serves the coordination of all measures for prevention against corruption (part of the compliance policy in companies/organizations), the scientific elaboration of facts on corruption and bribery, but also the active fight against and clarification of acute corruption events or those that occurred in the past. Furthermore, the results of the ACRC’s work serve as a decision-making basis for general changes with regard to legal and administrative standardization in states or the modification of compliance guidelines in corporations and/or organizations.

The ACRC represents a control system which „seismically“ depicts the overall appearance of corruption in the area of responsibility, works as an evaluation tool and also as an adjustment body.

The various areas of the ACRC interlock like a living clockwork.

Recognition and identification form the Eyes and Ears, evaluation of data, facts and investigation results and creation of draft resolutions form the Brain of the ACRC, and ultimately the redefinition of regulations, powers to act and sequences of actions by executive bodies represent the Hands. And, of course, not to be forgotten – public communication, what forms Mouth and Face of the ACRC.

The particular advantage in the interdisciplinary interaction of the various areas within the ACRC forms the basis for a permanent improvement in the system’s cognitive abilities as well as for the constant realignment of the control mechanisms!

Political, social as well as economic aspects influence all processes and decisions within the ACRC and in its external communication.

This is of decisive importance both for socio-political decisions within states (also with regard to administrative and criminal law) but also for the market-economy behavior of companies (especially with regard to national and international regulations, like the FCPA, UK Bribery Act 2010 …).

ARROWS not only provides you with the scientific, technical and organizational means and, most importantly, the expertise to build an ACRC. We accompany you in all upcoming steps, up to the complete and independent use of the ACRC, and of course beyond.

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